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General Information

What is a cold-air inflatable or rooftop balloon?
It is an inflatable that is kept inflated by a continuous air blower. The inflatable must remain stationary on the ground or roof and does not fly. Although inflatables can be in the shape of a hot air balloon, they are very different and are designed for stationary displays only.

How long does a cold-air inflatable or rooftop balloon last? There have been great strides in the development of materials for inflatables. Now most are a vinyl coated nylon formulated especially for the cold-air inflatable industry. The average life of an inflatable depends on weather and other conditions but can be used over and over again for months and even years with proper care.

What is a cloudbuster?
A cloudbuster is a weather balloon that is designed to be flown on a tether and must be filled with helium to fly. It is made of chloroprene latex and is considered a one-time use balloon. The life of such a balloon varies considerably from one to three days depending on the weather and other conditions. There are vinyl balloon products available that require helium to fly and cost considerably more money and time to maintain.

Are inflatables and other related outdoor promotional products allowed in my city? City ordinances vary greatly in regard to promotional products. Contact your local city hall (usually code inforcement or sign permit) and request a written ordinance on the specific product you are considering. A permit may be required and is the responsibility of the user to be in compliance.

How do I get Helium?
In most areas you can find at your local welding supply or party store.

What is a Turn-Key Promotion?
The word rental is frequently used in the context of a balloon or inflatable promotion. A full-service company prefers to offer the inflatable promotion as a turn-key service that includes delivery, installation, weather monitoring/calls and take-down. Always remember, "what goes up must come down" and our experience proves that is very accurate in all types of balloons and inflatables.

What do I get with a Rooftop Balloon Promotion? The quality and service you get depends greatly on the individual company. A full-service inflatable company services its own products on the local level and subs out its national clients to qualified dealers in your area. Just like any other advertising there is no guarantee, but national studies have shown appreciable increases in foot traffic and sales when an inflatable is displayed on a retail outlet.

What's the difference? You may ask what the difference is in the price from one company to the next and it usually comes down to the following factors. A reputable inflatable company carrys all the necessary insurance, maintains professional associations, pays taxes, has a good reputation and updates stock inflatables regularly. Always keep in mind you get what you pay for and if it looks to good to be true it probably is. As in any service based industry, there are preditors and look alikes that say they can do the same for a much lower price so "buyer beware".

How long do pennants last?
Poly type or economy pennants last approximately 30 days. Metallic style fringe pennants can last from 3 to 6 months depending on weather conditions.

How long does a flag last?
There are several types of flags......most are some type of nylon, some more durable than others. An average life expectancy of a flag is 3 to 4 months.

How long does a latex balloon last?
There is never any guarantee with balloons. Helium balloons last less than a day in most cases. A Qualatex 9 inch balloon life under normal conditions is around 12 hours. The same in a 11 inch balloon could be up to 18 hours. Using balloons outdoors usually greatly reduces the life of a balloon.

What is Super Hi-float? It is a product designed to coat the inside of a latex balloon to help it retain the helium and extend average life and flight time up to 10 times longer. Not recommended for outdoor use. Please refer to the product pages for more facts and information as we have made every effort to include them for your convenience.

Rooftop Balloons Inflatable Characters Cloudbusters SkyDancers Searchlights Imprinted Balloons Balloon Decor Parking Lot Decor Pennants & Flags

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