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Blue Kahuna

Nothing else has quite the versatility and universal appeal to people of all ages than a balloon does. So it's no wonder that imprintable balloons are one of the most effective, least expensive ways to advertise.

All of our balloons are made of sturdy latex for long lasting beauty and performance. Their helium retention is superior for high-flying, successful promotions.

Our UltraPrint premium imprinting process makes any message stronger and crisper for the sharpest balloon advertising available. High quality reproduction of logos, messages and other detailed graphics stand out in bold, clear contrast.

Choose from our vivid standard color balloons, or from our striking array of deep rich tones. Or celebrate with a glamorous touch with our sparkling gold and silver balloons. Create your own custom look by mixing from our wide variety of balloon colors with one of our many regular imprint colors.

Whatever you plan to do with your imprinted balloons - tie em, fly em, close em, hold em, inflate em, display em, decorate em, give em away, or even stand em up - do it the easiest, most convenient way by choosing from our accessories: plastic sticks with balloon holders, balloon closures, string, cookie jar dispenser, helium regulators, helium tank cover, curling ribbon, balloon tie closures with string or ribbon, or self-sealing helium valves with string or ribbon.

Beach Balls - Create a wave of excitement for your business with these high-quality, heavy-gauge vinyl 12" beach balls.

Sports Balls - Choose from 6" mini football, 4.25" mini soccer ball, 4.25" mini basketball, 4.25" neon smooth playball, or 2-7/8" baseball.

PLUS: Golf Balls, Sports Towels, Water Guns, school Spirit Items, and Many More!

Promotional Ideas
  • Using specialty imprinted balloons in combinations with convenient plastic holders as an easy, inexpensive giveaway for children.
  • Use a large balloon release to both celebrate and publicize your event. Inflate balloons after slipping in slips of paper with 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% discounts indicated on them.
  • When a customer makes a purchase they select and pop a balloon to receive the enclosed discount.
  • Promote family night at your restaurant by tying balloons on the chairs. Replace them through the evening as children take them home.

Safety Precautions
  • Choose an imprint color that provides a contrast to the balloon color for maximum visual effect.

  • Inflate balloons properly for maximum floating time. Too little helium reduces floating time substantially. Too much helium causes a pear shape and builds up too much pressure making the balloon more susceptible to popping.

  • Helium balloons expand in heat and deflate in cold temperatures.


Rooftop Balloons Inflatable Characters Cloudbusters SkyDancers Searchlights Imprinted Balloons Balloon Decor Parking Lot Decor Pennants & Flags

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