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Hollywood-style searchlights are the perfect way to attract attention during evening hours.

Whether you are hosting a grand opening, moonlight madness sale or party, our powerful 850,000,000 candlepower light will attract new customers and light their way straight to your door.

Let everyone for miles around know you are open and ready for business!

Double the Power. Maximize Your Event!

Many of our customers have discovered the benefit of using the giant carbon arc searchlights even to the extent of using more than one at an event. Imagine your event with two 60 inch beams crossing in the night sky over your business.

Difference in Carbon Arc Searchlights and the New Electric (110 V) Spots

Now, due to information and marketing claims from a number of companies and their distributors, as well as look-alikes, we are disputing that these 20" 2K lights are as effective as the 60" Carbon Arc Searchlights from 6 miles away. In our opinion, the small can type light is so ineffective, it can hardly been seen in the city lights, even from the nearest intersections while sitting completely still and looking for it. On the bright side, our Carbon Arcs are the original giant beam searchlights that are visible as far as 20 miles in the city, and easily seen 6 miles away in most conditions as they make their 360 degree sweep. The 360 degree sweep is critical for distance viewing, but be aware most of the smaller electric lights are much less in scanning scope.....around 180 degrees. There is a lot a technical reasons why the smaller 110V lights are ineffective and wash out but we will leave it at that.

Pricing can be deceiving. If you pay a price for a product that is all but ineffective is it better than nothing? Better than paying more and getting the giant beam Carbon Arc? Recently, one of our long time customers answered that question in a resounding way. The client, a banking executive who manages a charity event called and said he was needing the Carbon Arc again this year for their event. He said that someone had opted to used 2 of the smaller 20" lights the year before. The lights had been dropped off out front. A event goer came in around 30 minutes after the Charity event began and asked it the lights were supposed to be on. He was shocked to see the size of these tiny lights......he said "they looked like toys" sitting there and not running. He was accustomed to our turnkey service......nobody seemed to be aware they had to turn them on and off. So the customer returns to using the Carbon Arc like so many have after having seen first hand the real deal on these new 20" Lights. Buyer beware!

Here is a side by side look at the Carbon Arc and the Sky Canon.

Carbon Arc                      Sky Canon

We currently offer two styles of searchlights. Our lights are owned by us and we put an operator on every job. You don't have to worry about turning it on and off, we do it all for you.

The Tracer 4000 is very cool and jazzy. It is very high energy. It is a 4K system. (NOTE: Many of the electronic single and multi beam lights are
only 2K! ). The Tracer 4000 puts out 15
rotating beams that also scan up to 220 degrees left to right and back. The Tracer 4000 can be used in a variety of ways to bring attention to your event. The 15 laser mirrored beams can be bounced off the side of a building even in daylight to create a light show that is sure to dazzle your event goers or highlight a building, exhibit or sign. At night the Tracer 4000 creates a dazzling display of light in the sky as it scans and rotates. The beams appear to fill the sky over your business or event in a light show that is sure to attract attention from blocks around. We have seen the light scanning the skies as far away as 5 and 6 miles in perfect conditions, but we advise that the best and most reliable visibility on this light is in the immediate area where it is located.

The Carbon Arc is the brightest light available and puts out over 800,000,000 candlepower beam 60 inches wide. No exception.....this is the most powerful light in the world. We have used these lights at the State Fair of Texas, Bass Hall, as well as many other corporate events and retail grand openings. Even with the affects of city lights you can still see this one for miles and miles. No matter if you are having a Grand Opening, Black Tie Event, or Party this is a light that is as big as Hollywood. It has been used for decades at Hollywood premieres, in movies, advertisements and around the country at events of all sizes and scope. We even have the red carpet if you want to do it up right!
Searchlight Facts

  • Searchlights are set up with their own generator, thereby making them self-contained operating units. All we need is a large parking space!

  • Our searchlight base price per "night" is all inclusive, including delivery/pickup, set-up, light with generator, all necessary supplies such as gas and carbons, and an on-site operator.

  • A searchlight "night" is considered three hours. Additional hours are available at an additional reduced-rate per hour.

  • Our searchlights deliver a single, revolving 60-inch beam.

Rooftop Balloons Inflatable Characters Cloudbusters SkyDancers Searchlights Imprinted Balloons Balloon Decor Parking Lot Decor Pennants & Flags

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